Outdoor Spaces

Surrounding the barn, are many transitional spaces for your guests to gather and enjoy the farm. 

Ceremony Area: At the base of our proud Bucks County stone barn, the original barnyard is now an ideal outdoor ceremony space. This area overlooks the horse pasture, Cabin Run Creek and a wide open meadow. Our wedding arbor was hand crafted from a tobacco barn from Lancaster, which allows you to make personal touches like flowers and other specialties unique for your wedding. Between the barn as your backdrop and pasture as your view, this ceremony area affords you the greatest possible elements for your wedding day.

Adjacent Grounds: When the weather is ideal, surrounding the barn are several areas for your guests to transition from the ceremony area, to cocktail hour, to the barn for dinner. Right next to the ceremony space, is an area for your guests to enjoy the pasture and view, while experiencing our resident horses. Immediately next to the barn is the carriage house which can be used for an intimate cocktail hour. Moving closer the barn is the barn hill, where guests gather and enjoy the day, all while having farm fields at their back, and a bucolic Bucks County barn on full display. 

Farm Animals: Durham Hill is an active horse farm, with several wonderful horses that roam our countryside. Often times, they like to join the celebration and will come up to greet your guests at the fence-line.