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Food Trucks... The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

...There really is no "ugly", but I did need a catchy title! ;-)

Food trucks have become crazy popular over the past few years, and with so many options you really can create a totally unique wedding day vibe if you do decide to go this route!


Food truck weddings are so fun, informal, and allow your guests lots of different choices as far as food options go! It almost feels like a festival to some degree. Folks being able to go up to the trucks they like, mingle outside while eating and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of really good eats! If you are a foodie, and looking for a super casual wedding vibe this might be a great option for you! We have some awesome food trucks recommendations, and we have even had dessert trucks here too - YUMMM!


When hosting a food truck event there are a few things you should consider, the biggest one being the weather! The weather is the one thing we cannot control, and it will certain play a big role in the day if you do decide to have food trucks. All of your food staged outside, and being served from a truck can be a little cumbersome in an inclement weather situation! So if it does rain on your wedding day (although it is good luck!) it can be a little disappointing to guests to have to make the trip outside in the rain for their food.

So with all that, I like to give my couples all the facts and let them decide if they would like to roll the dice with food trucks - rain or not, you are sure to have some delicious food and full bellies!

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