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Meet Milo!

If you have been to the farm in the past year you might have had the chance to see this pretty boy! Milo is a very handsome Haflinger that joined our pack in April of 2022. He is a gentle giant and loves to be loved on! This big boy is easy to spot at the farm as he is our only light chestnut colored horse, sometimes reminding us of Fabio with this long flaxen mane!

Amanda and Aston got married here April of this year and because of some unfortune rain they weren't able to join the horses outside. However, as soon as the rain stopped Milo made an appearance and these guys were able to get some personal, one on one photos with this guy!

Next time your here at the farm, be sure to say hello to Milo! He will easily steal your heart, and turn you into a horse lover, if your not already!

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